Dow Jones Trading

Dow Jones Trading
Our Trading System
We are professional Forex traders with 10 years experience. This program is only available through Forex Top Investments. Using a mathematical formula to trade, following support & resistance levels. This is a long term strategy that takes 2-4 months before seeing the returns. The returns are 5%-15% per month. All trades are manual, and max 18 position open. You will need min $2,000 to run, with settings at pro-rated 50%. We open different lot sizes to exit out of bad trades. Watch video below for strategy details, and settings.  For a demo account 

Dow Jones Trading

Our Trading Strategy

 How we trade (please note we trade currency now)

Why  Our Trading Strategy?

* No more losses – make money every month

* Automated trading – easy setup then profits

* High returns 5% - 15% per month/ 90% year

* Capital is protected

* No commission or fee's

Real Profits

This account screen shot is using real live trades. The account was open with $100,000 balance April 21, 2017 to Oct 16, 2017 , 6 months of live trades. The balance now is $153,226, 6 months of trading $53,226 in profits. Please watch video for strategy details on the exit mode. Total profit $53,226 , $8,871 profit per month.  

For privacy we blanked out the account information

Dow Jones Trading

1 week of real trades