Foreign Currency Trading

Foreign Currency Trading

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Foreign Currency Trading

Forex Top Investments picks the top professional currency traders for you to follow. We are an affiliate of ZuluTrade and help our customers follow expert traders. We look for professional foreign currency traders with proven history, and low risk.

Access to High-Performance currency trader accounts that consistently averages 5% - 8% per month returns. Average 74% per year return.

Forex Trading
Forex Trading
Forex Trading
Forex Trading
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Foreign Currency Trading
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Foreign Currency Trading
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Foreign Currency Trading


in the Future

Currency Plan 5%-8% Per Month
Top Currency Traders
Dow Jones Plan 8%-15% per Month
Dow Jones Index

12 Month Currency Trader History 74% Return




Foreign Currency Trading
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Forex Top Investments April Report

Currency Plan

Our currency plan, with the 3 currency traders we recommend had a good month. 7% return for the month of April.


Dow Jones Index Plan

Our Dow Jones Index Plan did very well for the month of April. Based on the min $12,000 investment. We had a profit $1655 with a 14% return.

Please make sure the “max open trades” settings are.

vcxvcvds2222 – 20 max trades

song3vfd554– 20 max trades

MForexWorld – 10 max trades

Please make sure you login to your demo account once every 2 weeks.

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